Focused on patient's quality of life

Today a lot of therapies, although they might seem to be very complex, can be administered at home or in an ambulatory setting. Besides providing comprehensive nutrition and compounding concepts, Fresenius Kabi has specialized in managing, providing and monitoring therapies outside the hospital, adapted to the national requirements.

Fresenius Kabi dedicates the work and knowledge to support the care for chronically and critically ill patients individually and in their accustomed environment so they do not need to stay in hospital. Our philosophy is to maximize our patients' independence. Our desire is to ensure that our patients, their families and their healthcare teams can foster independence, dignity and joy in living.

The nursing service plays a major role in ensuring the safety and quality of home therapy. The specialists are responsible for training patients while they are still in hospital or later when they are in the nursing home or at home. This enables the patients or relatives to carry out the therapy independently.

Regular patient follow-up and review is a prerequisite for safeguarding nutrition therapy. The medical and clinical professionals responsible are regularly informed about the progress of the patient by clinical reports provided by specialists.

Our patients receive their products and medications individually packed and cooled if necessary. We deliver the products and medications either directly to the patient's accommodation or - depending on the legal situation - to a specific retail pharmacy. Our service is reliable and flexible to meet individual needs for patients and physicians.